Top Business Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

Reading books is one of the fastest ways an entrepreneur can gain knowledge and be on par with other great people. To navigate the business world and make better decisions, you need to start reading books. There are hundreds of business books that come out every year, and it may be overwhelming to read all of them. To ensure the best use of your time, you need to choose quality books that can have a positive impact on your business.


In this guide, we look at the top 5 business books every entrepreneur needs to read. Let’s get started;


  1. Lost and Founder – BY Rand Fishkin

Lost and founder is an interesting read that will let you know a lot about the startup world. The startup movement is one of the biggest transformations happening in the business world today. Today, with a good idea, a well-crafted pitch, and a few investors, you can create a company from scratch, and this book helps to understand the same. From this book, you will learn about the challenges facing the venture capital route, growth hacks on minimally viable products, and will also make you understand how to look after your customers.


  1. Atomic Habits – By James Clear

No matter what goals you have, Atomic Habits, a book by James Clear, offers a practical strategy for improving every day. James is one of the world’s leading experts when it comes to habit transformation. He reveals practical strategies that will teach you exactly how to create and form good habits and break bad ones. This book is an interesting read that will help you master tiny behaviors that create remarkable results.


  1. No Excuses – The Power of Self Discipline

No excuse is an amazing book written by Brain Tracy. What we can learn from this book is that you don’t need to be born under a lucky star, or with incredible wealth and connections to succeed in life. However, what you need to achieve your most ambitious goals is self-discipline. However, most people fail to succeed because they take either one or both of the two worst enemies of success – which are less resistance and instant gratification. This book will help you learn how to achieve success on your personal goals, your business, and money goals and your overall happiness.

  1. The Obstacle is the Way – By Ryan Holiday


The obstacle is the way, is an amazing book by Ryan Holiday and presents a timeless art of turning trials into triumph. This book starts with part 1 that tells us how the Rockefeller stayed calm during the depression in the 1850s by observing the market and understanding the need to ignore what the rest of the world was doing. He learned how to see and identify opportunities when everyone else was panicking and learned to see hidden traps when everyone else was greedy. With this book, you will learn a couple of things including; how to recognize your power, the reason why you should always learn to think differently, and learning how to steady your nerves.

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