Top Tools You Need for Remote Working

COVID-19 has hit us fast and hard and most of us have been forced to learn new ways and habits to make money from home. The pandemic has changed many businesses with many outcomes being unpredictable. Business leaders have been forced to be more open and accommodating to these new developments. But one that has been on the rise out of this tragedy is working at home and remote working.

Many say the future of work is remote working, and this trend is accelerating at a fast pace. Not all industries can transition to remote working, such as supermarkets and health workers. But those that are switching to remote working are doing so quickly. This is the reason we have put together a collection of remote tools you need to help you get back to your productivity track.


Let us have a look at these tools;

Communication Tools

Teams working remotely will need to communicate for frequent updates and to ensure everyone is at par with what’s happening. Top of communication tools you need for remote working includes; Slack – a platform for talking to team members. is another tool for tracking time zones and locations of team members. Whereby is a one-click video call software for team meetings.


Productivity Tools

It is easy for teams working remotely to become productive especially when there are no frequent updates and communication. There are a couple of tools that help teams to remain productive. First is Asana, a project management software for collaborating on projects and tasks. Another is Notion, a project management software that allows you to build your interface. We also have Hubstaff, which is a time tracking and productivity monitoring tool. Others include Zapier – which is a multi-level integration app for creating connections between tools. Another important one is LOOM, a screen recording tool for creating and sharing videos.

Content Creation Tools

When it comes to remote working, there is a high need to create content. Content creation tools are quite many and whichever you choose will be dependent on your specific needs. The first on our list is Visme, an all-in-one content creation tool with dynamic team collaboration features. Another is PicMonkey, which is a photo editing and image cropping tool. We also have Grammarly, digital writing assistance that supports clear and effective communication. Google Docs is also an important tool, that helps content creators to create, store, and share documents over the cloud.

Sales and Marketing Tools

Under this category, there are many tools to work with. The first is Pipedrive, a sales CRM tool that creates automatic feeds of leads into sales pipelines. Another good one is Agora Pulse, a social media creation and management tool for scheduling and managing online content. We also have Zoom, which is a fantastic video conferencing tool for hosting meetings with prospective clients. Livestorm is an important webinar software for hosting live information video streams. Another is the Respona tool, which presents an awesome all-in-one PR and link building tool to combine personalization and productivity.

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