Steps to Successful Product Launch

Any successful launch be it of a product or service, begins with great timing. Such was the case when Virginia Beach Tow Truck launched their towing services to their customers. You might feel a sense of urgency to introduce your products to the market, but rushing could spell a disaster. It can be a great idea to postpone the unnecessary launch, as doing so could be the difference between failure and success.


This guide looks at steps to follow if you need to have a successful product launch.


  1. Market Research

The first step of any product launch starts with market research. Before you can introduce a product to the market, ask yourself if there is a need in the marketplace for the product. Who are your competitors and what are they offering? What are your differentiation and unique selling points? Are there sufficient additional features and benefits that would separate your product from the competition? You need to talk to potential customers and industry colleagues to ensure you have a better understanding of the market.


  1. Pick the Right Team

Choosing the right development team is important and crucial to launching your product successfully. You need to constitute a well-balanced team of technical experts, product managers, project managers, testers, sales, and marketing teams, to ensure every aspect of product launch is well covered. Company leadership must be involved from the onset to ensure every aspect of product development goes according to plan.


  1. Pick the right timing

Management should set milestones and establish a production schedule for the new product. There should be an outline of the launch strategy and product development. Draft product descriptions, targeting, positioning, and competitor analysis. Determine pricing, website design, and promotion plan. In about 2 months to product launch, begin your promotion and advertising. Product testing should happen a month to product launch. Press release to media should happen in about 2 weeks to big day. with email announcements, trade shows, and demo updates following next.


  1. Launch your product

When launching your product, it is important to ensure internal project managers and users are kept on the loop. Ask for feedback and have some trusted clients test your product. Doing so will give you invaluable insight into your product. You will need to get feedback on product appearance, usability, and performance as well as other factors. Avoid bringing untested products to the market. If your product has bugs, users will easily get frustrated and ditch the product.


  1. Planning your campaign

You need to build an effective marketing strategy before launching your product. Set up a launch date and constitute a team to work on branding development, public relations, product positioning, digital marketing, trade shows among others. On the launch day, properly prepare the whole team and ensure the sales team is well knowledgeable on the working of the product. they will play a vital role in ensuring they close sales by demonstrating how a product works. The sales team will need training from the product development team.

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